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Corporations vs.Limited Liability Companies
How to decide

Nevada Or California?
What are my options?

Sole Proprietor or Incorporate?
Does It Really Matter?

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Why is it necessary to maintain my Corporate or LLC Record Book?
Legal Requirements

Should my business be Incorporated?

If you are wondering if forming a Corporation or a Limited Liability Company would be a sound decision, ask yourself these questions.

  • Are my personal assets in jeopardy if my business is involved in litigation?
  • Would a creditor have a claim against my house or property if my company were unable to pay its bills?
  • Am I interested in passing my business on to my heirs?
  • Could I use a new tax planning strategy?
  • Could my present business use a clean start?
If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, your business would benefit from being incorporated. Click here for more information

Independent Contractor, or Home Business?

Some companies now require that self-employed individuals Incorporate before services are performed!

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Record Keeping Is Important Are you aware of the requirements?

Are you certain your Corporate Records are in compliance? Can your records endure an IRS audit?